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Jim And Jules Marlow Cheese Company

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The Marlow Cheese Co Ltd

Hi there, my name is Lynda Hill and I live in the beautiful riverside town of Marlow in South Buckinghamshire.

For years I have secretly harboured the thought of becoming a cheesemaker (probably from watching 'Countryfile') I not only love to eat the wonderful stuff but I am truly amazed how you can take this liquid called milk and transform it into something you can use and enjoy in so many different ways.

After a lifetime of mundane office and retail jobs and following a serious health scare, I decided that if I didn't follow my dream now I never would, so in June 2015 I attended an introductory Cheese course at the Artisan School of Food in Nottinghamshire. Here I was introduced to the handcrafted production of 'real' cheese, I came home determined that Buckinghamshire would have an artisan cheesemaker to call its own!

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    Henley Rd, Medmenham, Marlow SL7 2TA, UK
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    SL7 2TA

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