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Jim And Jules Wiggington Village Shop

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Wigginton Village Shop

The Wigginton Shop and Café has been established as a community hub; a warm and friendly place for people to meet friends and make new ones. Our café is designed for people to enjoy light snacks and drinks (we serve really good tea and coffee!); and delicious cakes and bakes, including vegan and gluten-free, supplied by small artisan bakers from the village. It is an area of the shop that people of all ages can meet up, work from, or simply enjoy an indulgent moment and watch the world pass by.

When you visit our shop you are greeted by a beautiful environment that makes for a great shopping and eating experience. Customer experience is so important to us. We want you to keep coming back.

Our shelves are stocked with a fabulous array of local produce alongside convenience goods. ‘Buy Local’ is up front and centre as we are committed to supporting and promoting local produce and businesses. Around 85% of our shelf space is stocked with local produce – more than 65% of this is sourced from suppliers within 30 miles.


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