Christmas Chutney Gift Pack


You could send your friends socks or something but I’d bet they’d love jars of Chutney way more.



If you’re not going to get to see your loved ones this Christmas, then why not send them a gift of awesome Chutney. The gift pack contains 3 jars of chutney that are perfect for cheese or cold meats over the Christmas period.

If you’d like us to send these to your friends and family as gifts them make sure you check the “This order is a gift” box on the checkout page. You can then add the recipient’s address and also add a custom message and Jules will write it out in her best handwriting on our special Christmas card. If you are sending to more than 1 gift, I’d suggest you do the orders individually so we can send them your friends and family.  We’ll also add a “DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS” warning on the box.

Christmas Chutney Gift Pack


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