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Wayside Farm is Hertfordshire’s one of only two remaining Jersey Herd Dairy Farm. The farm is situated on the outskirts of Kings Langley. There is a great deal of history to Wayside Farm and this website will hopefully tell you a bit more about the place and will tell you more about our aims running this farm – we hope you enjoy the website!

Wayside Farm is a Hertfordshire County Council holding, which was purchased by the council in 1919. The history of this farm and a number of others in the area is that they were set up for returning officers form the the First World War. The sizes of the the farms varied from 2 acre horticultural holdings to reasonably sized small farms.

Here in Kings Langley in the early 1920’s there would have been about 12 small farms, plus about eight 2-arce plots, each with its own house – all of which were (and some still are) owned by Hertfordshire County Council.

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