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As well as making our own range of jams and chutneys, Jim and Jules also produce preserves and condiments for a range of companies under their own branding. There’s a fair chance you might have eaten some and not even realised it was actually made in our little kitchen.

Our private label clients come in all shapes and sizes and range from deli’s to farm shops and breweries all the way up to some of the worlds finest Michelin starred hotels and restaurants.

When we design a new product for your company we start from a blank canvas and give it as much passion as energy as we would if we were designing our own range. Our process starts with creating a unique recipe that truly reflects your brand and our ingredients are sourced from around the world to build a flavour profile that suits the goal.

When we create varieties for Breweries it’s fun and exciting to base the recipes on one their beers so you can taste the same notes on your ploughman’s as you would in your pint.

Our product development doesn’t stop with recipe creation. Depending on your requirements we can design the entire product, from label concept and creation, packaging as well as printing and production.  For one of our customers, we even hand-cut fabric covers and then bow tie them over the lid with matching ribbons, they look stunning.

Jim And Jules Private Label Designs For Peterley Farm Shop
Jim And Jules Private Label Designs For Peterley Farm Shop
Jim And Jules Private Label Designs For Peterley Farm Shop

When it comes to product development we are excited by a new challenge. And we love creating partnerships with new companies. Over the years we’ve developed jam for doughnuts and we’ve even created the ripple in a raspberry ripple ice cream. So if you’re looking for an exciting and vibrant production partner,  let’s get together to create something awesome.

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If your company is looking for a private label partner or you’re interested in stocking our products, get in touch by completing the form below and we’ll give you a shout to discuss options as well as organising a time to sit down and eat cheese, biscuits and chutney.