Jim And Jules Morning Wholesale Jam And Chutney Supplier

Interested in a new and exciting product range?

Are you looking to add a more interesting product range to your retail portfolio? Are you craving something different to serve to your guests on their poached egg and smashed avocado?

At Jim & Jules, we are pretty lucky to have an amazing array of retailers and partners who are as passionate about their products as we are about ours.  Our retailers span all industries from breweries, high end deli’s to farm shops and garden centres to butchers and anything else in between.  As long as they share our passion then we’re good to go.

At Jim & Jules we permanently cook our core range of twelve products and introduce our special seasonal varieties throughout the year when the ingredients are in season.

All products are hand crafted and cooked in small batches, this is partly so we can truly maintain a traditional feel to our products as well as guarantee the highest possible quality.

Who do we partner with?

Jim & Jules is a small producer and we don’t currently work with a distribution network.  This means our customer base is mainly focused around the Home Counties.  We have no strict policies on who we work with or what industry they are in but we are keen to make sure our outlets are spread as fairly as possible and don’t get in the way of each other.

Jars on the shelf

For our shops and retailers we are keen to work in as flexible manner as possible to create a relationship that works for both parties.  Our trading guidelines are pretty malleable but we try to stick to the following;

  • Please stock as wider range as possible, this gives the customer more choice.
  • We have a minimum order quantity (which we’ll work out to suit)
  • Please stay within our payment and credit terms, we try to be as flexible as possible.

We do our best to support our resellers through social media as well as recommendations and networking.  We’ll also happily come to your site and do tasting evenings or work with your event to help promote in any way we can.

Straight to the plate

As well as producing by the jar, Jim & Jules can also supply our entire product range in wholesale tubs for restaurants and cafes.

Most of our cafe’s and deli’s tend to use our products and also sell by the jar for the customer to take home.  This method works very well.

As well as selling our own product range, we can also work with you to create your own unique recipe which will reflect your brand and menu, for more information please check our “Private Label” page.

Jim And Jules Outside Office

If your company is looking for a private label partner or you’re interested in stocking our products, get in touch by completing the form below and we’ll give you a shout to discuss options as well as organising a time to sit down and eat cheese, biscuits and chutney.

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