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If quality artisan preserves and condiments are your thing then you’ve come to the right place. At Jim & Jules, we spend our time creating some of the finest sweet and savoury flavours you could possibly pop in your mouth.

We sell our products through some of the best retailers in the region as well as online from this website. As well as creating our own product lines, we also love working in partnership with companies to create their own branded range of products.

It all started with a wedding and an apple tree. Over a decade ago we started Jim & Jules Big Adventure to help fund our wedding and we were lucky enough to have a huge apple tree in Jim’s parent’s farm yard at our disposal. From those small beginnings selling our wares in local farmers markets, we now supply some of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants as well as farm shops, deli’s and cafes.

Nowadays we have a small production facility in the Buckinghamshire countryside where we still manufacture our products in small batches with fresh ingredients delivered by local suppliers.

We produce a core range of twelve products throughout the year as well as seasonal variations, but we are always developing new recipes and varieties. Our product range is available through retailers in the region as well as online and shipped all over the world.

The other side of the business is about creating partnerships with retailers, breweries as well as a host of respected companes to create their own line of branded products.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s greatest chefs in our kitchen to create unique recipes that suit and reflect their individual brand.

Jim And Jules Apple Tree Where It All Began
Jim And Jules Outside Office

If your company is looking for a private label partner or you’re interested in stocking our products, get in touch by completing the form below and we’ll give you a shout to discuss options as well as organising a time to sit down and eat cheese, biscuits and chutney.


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