How Did This Adventure Start

Jim and Jules Big Adventure (JJBA) was born in 2008 out of a need to fund our wedding and Jim’s parents having a massive apple tree on their farm, with apples going spare.
While I researched the legalities, Jim invented Scrummy Apple Chutney and booked our 1st stall. We won 2nd prize from the WI which boosted our confidence!
We worked for 18 months at weekends, selling at many local farmers markets and events and raised a large chunk to put towards our wedding.
With the great experience of building a business together as a foundation for our marriage, in May 2009 we got married and a great day was had by all (we had a cake made of cheese!).
We didn’t want to stop making and selling chutney. We loved making something delicious out of things that would otherwise go to waste, had met so many lovely people and enjoyed working for ourselves. We continued our weekend quest for a couple of years, adding in Apple & Chilli Jelly and Onion & Chilli Gubbins along the way.
In 2011, Lola came along and blew us all away. For me, the perfect time to grow the business and leave corporate life behind. Things really picked up momentum and our range grew. We started supplying local shops and continued with events. Now Lola helps pick fruit in the summer, counts jars and sometimes even comes to our events. She is a real part of the team, a family business.
Our range expands and contracts throughout the year. We now have 5 permanent products and depending on what we can lay our hands on and if we are feeling inventive, this grows. Christmas time being our busiest period.
In 2014, we added Bonnie to the team and although she has no clue what we get up to yet, I don’t doubt she will love joining in too.
People often ask what the “adventure” is…. It’s all an adventure, the wedding was just the beginning.
Our family motto, coined by Lola, has become “This is the life”!