Onion And Chilli Gubbins

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Chutney, Pickle or Relish? All I know is I’m really, really tasty

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Onion And Chilli Gubbins Adds a little kick to your life. Hand made with happy tears, our versatile Gubbins is a cross between a chutney and a relish.

Packed with onions and some chilli heat, add it to gravy for a zingy sausage and mash, mix with cream cheese for an awesome dip, liven up scrambled eggs on toast.

It is simply a moreish jar of lovely yumpsciousness.

Onion And Chilli Gubbins

1 review for Onion And Chilli Gubbins

  1. Kirstine Oastler

    I can’t believe I have never left a review for my absolute favourite Jim & Jules product!!! I eat it with cheese and crackers, it’s essential for a sausage sandwich, add it to gravy to make the best onion gravy ever – try it with toad in the hole it’s amazing , make cheese and onion pasties by adding it to grated cheese and leftover mash, even the liquid left at the bottom of the jar is used to add a zing to homemade soups, casseroles and stews. I even send it to friends and family as gifts and it is enjoyed in Belfast and Tasmania. Amazing product from an amazing company run by amazing people

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